There are a number of marker plants in the garden that give you an indication about how the garden is going. For example, and most drastic, if you saw honey fungus in the garden you would have to worry about all your trees and bushes.

The same goes for primroses, particularly the good old cowslip. When they are too wet they start to go brown at the edges, when they are too dry the shrivel back and look flaccid. If they are lacking nutrients they turn yellowish and when they are under attack - usually fungal attack, they look as though they are going to fall over or come off in your hand.

Hatton Garden accused 'were overwhelmingly trusted by ringleaders'

Four men accused of being involved in the £14m Hatton Garden raid were “overwhelmingly” trusted by the ringleaders to take part in the biggest burglary in English legal history, a court has heard.

In his closing speech to the jury on Thursday, the prosecutor Philip Evans said the defendants had lied to the jury in denying involvement in the Easter weekend heist and were likely to have fabricated a story together during their recent time in prison.


Dream gardens: Happy new shears to you

So it’s time you treated yourself to something better. Shop around: try several different brands for weight and comfort. A really good quality spade, fork, rake or hoe may set you back £20-£55 each but do spend as much as you can, because when you try a superior specimen it is so comfortable to use: so light, well balanced, sharp, stylish and ergonomically designed that it makes everyday gardening a real pleasure. What’s more it should also last a lifetime. You will also find all sorts of optional extras.

Body found in garden in County Clare this afternoon

A body has been recovered in the search for a missing Clare man this afternoon. A search had been underway for 65-year-old Michael Vaughan from Moyree, Ruan when Clare Civil Defence located remains at the rear of his property this afternoon.

The body which has yet to be identified - but is believed to that be Mr Vaughan - has now been removed to University Hospital Limerick for a post mortem examination.

‘Year of the English Garden’ to be showcased at British travel show

VisitEngland’s 2016 Year of the English Garden initiative will enjoy a prominent showcase at the British Tourism & Travel Show, when it returns to the NEC Birmingham on 16-17 March.

The new ‘Year of the English Garden’ feature area, supported by VisitEngland, marks the 300th anniversary of the birth of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, the visionary garden designer who left a lasting legacy across the landscapes of hundreds of English country estates and parklands (and inspired the transformation of thousands more).